Find and fix issues on the data route

While most performance issues are provoked by frontend design or application design or resource bottlenecks close or within the data center of some Web-Site offering some issues are not within your direct ownership. One issue might be with the growing infrastructure of the internet itself. Issues are more often located on the road of the data or related to 3rd Party.

The Risks within Publishers Business

Making money mainly with Advertising means in today’s Business to put all the power of the main business into the hands of other companies. There is nearly 0% percent of the Ad-driven Business that is in your own hands – from the perspective of „controlling“ it. This is adoptable for those who like to advertise something as it is adoptable for those who offer space for Ads to appear and as it is for those who bring both parties together (marketers).

Weighting Incident Impact using Web Statistics = Failure

It is absolutely necessary to know your real users common behavior and the the users behavior during incidents. Else you would not be able to write a statement for the user impact if your analyses relies on your web-statistics tool. You must know where in the load order the users get counted to make sure all users are counted or if they are counted correctly.

Relaunch Spiegel! Spiegelleser laden mehr….

Spiegel online in einem neuen Gewand und doch bei der Technik alles beim alten. Wie schon vor dem Relaunch hat es der Spiegel-Online nicht so mit „Green IT“ oder auch ressourcensparendes Agieren – eine Anfrage an die Marketingabteilung des Spiegels blieb leider damals (vor c.a.2 Monaten) unbeantwortet. Nun wurde der…