A tiny dictionary for eCommerce, marketing and DevOps

If you are professional in online-business – independent if for an online publisher, online-retailer or an online service delivery – it is clear that you are doing your best to drive and grow revenue. This often enough require to work with other contributing devisions or experts within your company (marketing, ecommerce, Ops, Dev.). These meetings are often challanged by language used which got a complete different meaning for each participating group.

Find and fix issues on the data route

While most performance issues are provoked by frontend design or application design or resource bottlenecks close or within the data center of some Web-Site offering some issues are not within your direct ownership. One issue might be with the growing infrastructure of the internet itself. Issues are more often located on the road of the data or related to 3rd Party.

An Ad is an Ad is an Ad is an Ad

Being overADded is a very bad thing. It makes all your efforts and energy having a fast page non-sense. Also your SEM and SEO programs are equal to throwing money out of the window. It makes users leaving the page before all page logic ran (and your guys with the freaking good affiliate-program get really pissed when the logic which effects them isn’t working).

The Risks within Publishers Business

Making money mainly with Advertising means in today’s Business to put all the power of the main business into the hands of other companies. There is nearly 0% percent of the Ad-driven Business that is in your own hands – from the perspective of „controlling“ it. This is adoptable for those who like to advertise something as it is adoptable for those who offer space for Ads to appear and as it is for those who bring both parties together (marketers).

Internet und Wahlkampf – Interessante Studie

Heute habe ich auf dem bekannten Blog eine interessante Studie zum Einsatz von Online-Communities im Wahlkampf gefunden. Autoren sind Markus Beckedahl, Falk Lüke und Julian Zimmermann. In wie weit wirklich unentschlossene Wähler wirklich Youtube, Twitter und Co. Webseiten besuchen und sich dort überzeugen lassen würde ich in Frage stellen.…

Wird die Bundestagswahl 2009 auch Online entschieden?

PR-Experten sind sich einig: Der Einfluss der Online Präsenz hat dieses Jahr einen entscheidenden Einfluss darauf, wie sich der Wähler entscheiden wird. Das Konzept „Obama“ soll auch bei den deutschen Volksparteien etabliert werden. Die Internetauftritte werden schon jetzt aufgepeppt. PR Strategen platzieren Blogs, x-Links werden gesetzt, es wird getwittert und…