Browser Statistics

Browser Statistics

Which is the fastest Browser ? Which is the most used Browser ?
Find attached a report with Browser Data coming from 178 Portals – cross industry – world wide.

Reflecting more than 4.400.000.000 Page Views in averages

LoadTimeBrowsers (XLS Sheet)

The data has been captured with using Real User Monitoring.
Time frame: 20th June 2013 – 18th July 2013

Learn more about the technology used here.

Page Views: Amount of Pages clicked by Real Users using that specific Web-Client
Redirect Time: Not really important to have that shown in Browser stats. Interesting enough that Redirects seems to be used often by Page-Providers
DNS Lookup Time: Time it takes to find an IP Address for a domain name
Connection Time: Time it takes to connect a server with hosting the page
1st Byte Time: Time it takes to deliver the first byte of the html code of the page
PR Time: Percieved render time = Time it takes to render the „above the fold“ area in the client.
Load Time: Time it takes to onLoad event happening
Response Time: Time it takes from clicking on a link to have the target pages onload event happening
Apdex: esoteric value of users happiness with loading a page. Explained here
Abandonment rate: Percentage of Pageviews where the user leave the page before „onload“ event has happened.**

*Not necessarily went to competition…might have found the link to click on or logged in or….