Oh no, not again a 3rd Party performance blog..

Oh no, not again a 3rd Party performance blog..

I have noticed that in the past 3 month that the topic „3rd Party performance“ is getting more and more visiblity in the field.
Not that there was noone ever spent any attention to it before – there was, but in the past few months there were constantly raising blog entries and twitter entries and the performance companies (those who are able to monitor 3rd Party) invited to „3rd Party monitoring“ webinars.

And now here is the next entry about 3rd Party performance. Just because I really believe that this is fucking important.

Honestly! I think that 3rd Party monitoring is absolutely necessary if your businessmodel relies on others to deliver content. Wheter it is a CDN you are using where you have signed strikt SLAs with or if your webpage is marketed. The marketing aspect is the the topic of this writing.

I lately noticed on a webpage that only lives from being marketed that some areas for advertisement are not filled when I opened up the page (which i do very often).

There could be three reasons for not having the space filled:

  1. no advertiser booked the space
  2. the ad was not delivered by some issues in the advertisement delivery chain
  3. the webmaster programmed bullshit

By knowing that the page is very „succesfull“ in Germany it would be very estonishingly if there are times with no one booked available ad space.

Therefore I decided to put the page into Monitoring and found the following (Monitored with a FireFox Synthetic Monitoring Agent – 1 Test per each of 6 locations in Germany per hour – Agents located at main Carrier Networks)

2 days of measurements show huge gaps in availability of 3rd party

2 days of measurements show huge gaps in availability of 3rd party

By not telling a secret, that some of the facebook servers are delivering not as expected, we also can recognize that in some cases availability is below 80%. Yes – not only 99.8% but check the numbers out on yourself by clicking on the image.

I have to admit, that I have filtered out those 3rd Parties which were available <99.8 %.

What does availability mean in this case: Well, the content could not be delivered due to:

  • invalid SSL keys
  • connection interruptions (client abort)
  • service unavailable
  • connection timeouts
  • 404
  • and many more

The main „unavailability“ is measured during the peak user hours. Imagine how many Ad-Impressions got lost ? How many users were not able to click on an Ad ? Does the page look broken or unfinished for them ? Has the wait time for the Ad blocked the rest of the page from loading?

You can imagine that Ad-Availability is hard to control. Maybe one little server as part of the advertisement delivery chain might have issues. Talking about the Ad-delivery-chain I mean something like publisher – adserver – adnetwork – adnetwork two – geo-targeting-adservice – realtime bidding – and many many more – and of course the final Server where the ad is located at.

Well, by knowing how much traffic the page got and by knowing how many Ads have not been delivered, it is easy to calculate the amount of money getting lost. And believe me – I talk about big money in the case above.

So, what do you think – would it be worth to know how your 3rd Party is delivering content ?